What Is The Difference Between Semalt's SEO Personnel Dashboard And Popular Analyst Tools?

The SEO Personal Dashboard, a comprehensive analysis tool from Semalt defies all the competition, considering its efficiency and cost. In our guide today, we plan to share with you the unique advantages that such a tool offers you over its competitors in the market.

Therefore, you who offer SEO analysis and audit services and who wanted to have access to the best tools, you no longer need to look far. Just take the time to read this complete guide which will explain to you in detail, taking into account every aspect; why you should choose to use Semalt's SEO Personal Dashboard today.

To begin with the content of this guide, let's first talk about the importance of analysis and auditing tools.

Importance of analysis and auditing tools

A content audit using the right tools has various advantages. Let's start with the obvious ones:
It is very easy for you to understand why these points are important by using Google's approach to rating websites. For more information on this, we invite you to visit our Blog.

Now that we have an idea of the importance of SEO analysis and auditing, and why tools like SEO Personal Dashboard are so useful; Let's find out 5 reasons why you should do SEO analysis and audit.

1. Regular control (inventory of contents)

Anyone overseeing a large website project should conduct an audit at least once a year. It is often a good idea to directly involve accounting and legal aspects. The ideal time would therefore be well before the annual count.

The main objective, however, is to check whether the objectives set in advance in the content strategy have been achieved. Depending on compliance with the marketing and/or editorial plan, these documents can serve as a basis for this.

2. Adjusting the content marketing strategy

If there are any changes in the content marketing strategy, for example in reaction to changed target groups, marketing strategies or even business strategies, then now is a good time to check if all the contents always match.

3. Website relaunch

When relaunching a website with a planned restructuring or URL changes, all content should still be backed up if something goes wrong. If old URLs need to be redirected, now is a great time to clean up and separate underperforming pages and only take relevant content with you on the move.

To get perfect and complete information, you need to make sure to use powerful tools like SEO Personal Dashboard or many other best tools from Semalt.

4. Changes in the team

If a colleague with an important role in content marketing leaves the team and that position is subsequently filled, a content audit is a good place to start. No matter how successful the assignment is, there is no substitute for an up-to-date and comprehensive overview of all content, including strategy-based assessment, so you don't repeat old mistakes and continue the successes.

5. Change of domain owner

If a domain is sold with the previous content or even the entire company, a content review is recommended. Typically, content rating plays a role in determining the purchase price anyway, even if it is "only" shown as total traffic, backlinks, or search engine rankings.

If the purchase has already been made for other reasons, content analysis for the future operator is definitely recommended thereafter. Again, you need to have the best tools like the SEO Personal Dashboard available.

Now, let's move on to compare the SEO Personal Dashboard tool with its peers on the market.

SEO Personal Dashboard, Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, and Semrush: Which Best Meets Your Needs?

A brief comparison between SEO tools namely the Personal Dashboard, Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, and Semrush leads to the following conclusion :

Number of possible projects

The SEO Personal Dashboard allows you to work on an unlimited number of projects while the best tool of the other three namely Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, and Semrush, is Arhrefs with a limited number of maximum 5 articles. On this point, the SEO Personal Dashboard is by far the tool that offers the best option.

The frequency of the availability of updates at the level of each tool

The SEO Personal Dashboard provides up-to-date information and analysis of your site in real-time. This means that with every second that passes, you have access to new information about your site. The other tools do not have such efficiency because the best option they offer is a daily update. Some don't even provide new information related to your site for a whole week.

Scanned pages

Regarding the scanned pages, the SEO Personal Dashboard offers an unlimited scanning system. While the other tools on the market are limited to at most 1000 compared to (Ubersuggest); 10,000 per month (Arhefs) and 20,000 per project (Semrush).

Once again, the SEO Personal Dashboard confirms its efficiency and accuracy.

Also, concerning information related to top pages, technical SEO-audit, analysis of page speed; all tools provide you with full access.

Options the SEO Personal has that other tools don't have

Although the SEO personal Dashboard has all the services that tools such as Ubersuggest, Arhefs and Semrush offer; it has several features that other tools do not. Some of the very useful features that the SEO Personal Dashboard has that other tools don't have include:
Apart from all these aspects already mentioned above, the SEO personal Dashboard is available in 15 different working languages all over the world. It is a gold mine and its importance in helping you improve your SEO services is well established.

Also, if you would like more information about this tool, please click here.

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Through this article, we have just discovered the SEO Personal Semalt tool: a perfect tool for all your needs. Indeed, it is the ideal tool to help you increase your customer base and therefore earn a lot more money.

And as you will have noticed, it is a complete tool, which brings together all the functionality that your customers will need. Moreover, thanks to this unique feature, it allows you to improve and strengthen your brand loyalty.

Besides, the comparison we made above also proves that the SEO Personal Dashboard is by far a better tool in terms of efficiency and cost. With such a tool, your dreams come true in no time. Also, we have a team of experts ready to assist you effectively in achieving your goals.

For more information, you can contact us immediately. You can also leave us comments that we will be happy to read and respond to.

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